I feel excited to have started a new blog and write my first post.

I had a blog before, but it had no particular goals. This, on the other hand, will be mostly aimed at sharing some of the things that I learn in the area of Audio Production and Frontend Development.

I’ve been working as a Frontend Engineer for close to 3 years now and it’s been quite an exciting journey. The job involves understanding design and writing code, and this intersection of art and technology brings in some joy.

Music has been my main interest since engineering days, but it had been limited to only exploring and listening new sounds. Things changed when I began to learn an audio programming language called Chuck, which introduced me to the concept of music synthesis. I got deeply interested in synthesis and it led me to dive into the area of audio production.

I’m very new to this area and have been learning through online courses, tutorials, articles etc. I’ve a system running Ubuntu 14.04 and it took me a while to understand and have the Jack audio setup working.

I want to keep learning and share them. Hope I get to do it through this blog.

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